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Autism Resources For Parents – The Ultimate Help Guide For Families

May 24, 2024

Autism help for parents

If you’re a parent of an autistic child, you know how important it is to have access to helpful resources and support.

We understand that your time is valuable, and that’s why we’re here to help. We have created a free resource guide specifically tailored to the needs of parents with autistic children.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive overview of autism resources for parents, including:

  • Information about autism: What is ASD? What are the symptoms? What are the causes?
  • Support groups and organizations: Where can you find support from other parents of children with ASD?
  • Educational resources: What are the best resources for learning about autism and how to help your child?
  • Therapy and treatment options: What are the different types of therapy and treatment available for children with ASD?
  • Legal rights and advocacy: What are your legal rights as a parent of a child with ASD? How can you advocate for your child’s needs?
Autism resources for parents

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Autism Statistics

Autism Statistics 2022

Autism Parenting Magazine realizes how busy parents are, so we’ve gathered the latest autism statistics compiled from CDC reports, reputable autism research, and our own exclusive data.

Coronavirus COVID-19

As part of the support we give parents during the COVID-19 crisis we have produced a set of guides specifically to help parents during this time. Find COVID-19 autism tips, social stories, visual schedules on many subjects such as social distancing, home schooling and more.


Signs of Autism in Girls

Girls with autism are often misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and lack the essential support they need according to recent studies.

Signs of Autism in Infants and Children

– Autism Parenting Magazine

Are you worried your child may be on the spectrum? Learn in this guide the signs of autism in babies, toddlers, and kids, as well as ASD diagnosis and interventions.


Stimming and hand flapping

In this guide we discuss everything you need to know about to stimming and hand flapping.

Managing Hyperlexia and Hypernumeracy

Hyperlexia is described as the precocious self-taught ability to read usually before age five without comprehension of what is being read.

Access to Autism Services

Disability.gov’s Guide for Family Caregivers

This excellent resource includes vast information on programs, services, government agencies, and organizations that can help you as you care for a spouse, child, parent, or another family member. It has a list of helpful links for your reference.

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis is a method of treating people with autism by modifying behavior using positive reinforcement.

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Play therapy for autism

Activities and Play Therapy for Kids with Special Needs

Best Autism Apps For iPad, iPhone and Android

– Autism Parenting Magazine

This is our own list of mobile apps that help people on the spectrum and their families navigate daily challenges, enhance learning, and educate themselves on autism. These iPhone, iPad, and Android apps are great for ages ranging from two years old to adults.

LEGO® Therapy: How to Build Connections with Autism – One Brick at a Time

– Autism Parenting Magazine

APM reached out to Amy Wagenfeld, PhD, OTR/L, SCEM, Research Coordinator at the Els Center of Excellence to provide an article on what makes LEGO® bricks an applicable intervention for therapists as well as an activity for groups. In her piece, Wagenfeld explains the fundamentals, the process, and the valuable social connections made when playing with LEGO® bricks.

Download our FREE guide on the best Autism Resources for Parents

Independent living for Autism

Adults with Autism and Independent Living

Top Autism Jobs: Choosing the Best Careers for People With Autism

In this guide, we discuss the best job opportunities for people with autism

How to Transition Your Young Adult with Asperger’s Into the World

Are you intimidated by the “failure to launch” syndrome for your young adult with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? For most parents, the term translates into a fear factor, restraining them from helping their young adults with Asperger’s syndrome to transition into the adult world.

Autism and diet

Diet & Health Resources for Kids with Autism

CBD Oil for Autism: Benefits and Usage Guide

– Autism Parenting Magazine

Learn how CBD oil can help children with conditions such as anxiety, aggression and self-injurious behaviors

Advice on How the Thyroid/Autism Connection Can Make a Difference

– Autism Parenting Magazine

Dr. Kellman, a pioneer in functional medicine who has a holistic and visionary approach to healing, discusses a significant connection between the thyroid and the brain, urging parents to consider testing levels.

Asperger’s Syndrome and the Power of a Good Diet

– Autism Parenting Magazine

Sarah Patten, the author of the book What to Feed an AspergerHow to Go from Three Foods to Three Hundred with Love, Patience and a Little Sleight of Hand shares with Autism Parenting Magazine her successful food journey with her son with Asperger’s syndrome.

Best Essential Oils for Autism and ADHD – The Ultimate Guide

– Autism Parenting Magazine

From sleep and anxiety to digestive health and immunity boosts, essential oils have brought several benefits to ASD children. Go to this page, download your free guide, and learn the best essential oils for autism, ADHD, and ADD symptoms.

Creating Inner Peace -The Benefits of Yoga for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

– Autism Parenting Magazine

Learn how yoga can have a positive effect on an ASD child’s communication skills and anxiety levels while possibly reducing challenging behaviors and providing a better sense of self. Tips for teaching yoga to children with ASD are also provided.

Probiotics and Autism

– Autism Parenting Magazine

“Researches have shown that food and diet have a strong link with how the functioning of the brain. In this page, we discuss the effectiveness of probiotics or the so-called “friendly bacteria” and diets in helping ease the symptoms of autism.”

Best Supplements and Vitamins for Autism

Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have long been prescribed vitamins, minerals, and natural supplements to help with sleep, gastrointestinal distress, and boost low vitamin levels, all of which are common in children and adults with ASD.


Autism Help and Community Support Groups

Autism Support Groups for Parents, Families & Children —The Ultimate Guide

Many parents have found in enormous benefit in Autism Support Groups for families. These have given much needed encouragement, comfort, and advice. In this article we discuss the benefits of joining one as well as helping you find one in your area.

The Most Supportive States for Raising a Child With Autism

In order to help parents discern the most supportive states to raise a child with autism, we discuss a list of states ranked based on several factors that impact the lives of children with autism and their families.

Autism Tips

Autism Daily Tips

Autism, Head Banging and other Self Harming Behavior

– Autism Parenting Magazine

“Headbanging and self-injury are common ways for an ASD child to communicate needs. Check out this page and learn now why self-harm occurs and what you can do to protect your child from it.”

Autism Friendly Products and Services – The Ultimate Guide

– Autism Parenting Magazine

Toys, mobile apps, school supplies, movie theaters, vacation houses, outdoor activities, and more! We’ve listed the best products and services for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families.

Gifts For An Autistic Child – The Ultimate Guide

– Autism Parenting Magazine

“We’ve created this ultimate guide because we believe that finding a gift for a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) should be hassle-free. This guide includes general tips as well as a list of recommended gifts according to the ASD child’s needs and condition.”

How You Can Promote Autism Awareness This April

– Autism Parenting Magazine

“Every April, people from all over the world celebrate autism awareness. This is to provide further education as well as resources and support to individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). On this page is a list of different ways on how you can promote autism awareness and celebrate with people on the spectrum.“

Regressive Autism – Why It Occurs

– Autism Parenting Magazine

“Regressive autism is a condition in which an engaged, energetic child suddenly becomes quiet and uninterested. This sometimes leads to loss of speech and social skills. Check out this page to gain a deeper understanding of regressive autism, its signs and symptoms, possible treatments, and what parents can do if they observe these signs in their children.”

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Social Stories for Autistic Children

– Autism Parenting Magazine

Social stories are one of the various tools and strategies that have helped many ASD children improve their communication and social skills. In this guide, you’ll learn about the background and benefits of social stories and how you can write your own.

The Autism Onion

A BCBA who works primarily with children who have autism, Down syndrome, and other developmental delays shares her stories and connects with others who have a heart for special-needs individuals.

Autism Education Resources

Autism Resources on Education

Autism Schools and Education Facilities – The Ultimate Guide

– Autism Parenting Magazine

Looking for a school for your ASD child? We know every child on the spectrum learns differently, so we’ve created this ultimate guide to help parents find the right school to give their children the support they need.

The Value of Homeschooling Your Child with Autism Now

Homeschooling is becoming a popular option among parents with children on the spectrum, in this article we discuss the things you need to know

Special needs financial planning resources

Financial Planning for Special Needs Children

A Special Needs Plan

Provides access to experts who can offer advice regarding the coordination of all necessary legal and financial arrangements surrounding a family member with special needs, including government benefits, communication, and tax strategies.

Is the ABLE Account the Right Savings Tool for My Special Needs Child?

Saving for your child’s future is a great step in helping him/her live a full life.  An ABLE account is certainly one option that is available for you to use; however, it does have some drawbacks that you should be aware of before jumping in.

Autism Parenting Advice

Autism Parental Advice

3 Ways to Revitalize Your Marriage After Having A Special Needs Child

– Autism Parenting Magazine

Deanna Picon, author of The Autism Parents’ Guide to Reclaiming Your Life, provides tips for couples to help them work together to keep the love alive.

Your Autism Coach

A comprehensive support program which includes individual, confidential coaching sessions which address issues and concerns important to families affected by autism. Coaching sessions are available over the telephone to give parents convenience, flexibility, and privacy. Seminars are designed to give parents coping strategies and proven techniques to maintain a healthy emotional outlook.

Potty Training, Diapers, and Hygiene

Autism Potty Training – The Ultimate Guide

– Autism Parenting Magazine

Potty Training is a big challenge for parents with children on the spectrum. This guide gives you everything you need to know about toilet training, including knowing the issues you may encounter, how to prepare your child, steps in the process, additional tips, and more.

Finding Big Kid Diapers, Pull-Ups and Youth Pants For Your Child with ASD

– Autism Parenting Magazine

It’s not always easy finding the larger-sized diaper products needed for children on the spectrum. Read about the financial assistance available to some families, from Medicare to private insurance, as well as a buying guide to finding the right product at a good price.

Good Autism Websites

Good Autism Websites

Autism Parenting Magazine

Autism Parenting Magazine is the leading global magazine for parents of autistic children as well as professionals seeking to work with children on the spectrum. The magazine features articles from hundreds of contributors including respected professionals, autism experts, parents of children on the spectrum, and adults with autism.

Southeast Psych

One of the largest and most innovative private psychology practices in the nation that has taken psychology beyond traditional therapy and assessment.  Offers presentations, webinars, podcasts, videos, and books relating to autism.

Temple Grandin

Excellent information on a variety of subjects provided by an autism activist, best-selling author, professor of animal science at Colorado State University, and consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior. Includes special conference dates.

Autism Safety

Autism Safety

Autism & Wandering

According to research, nearly half of all children with autism attempt to elope from a safe environment which has led to numerous tragedies. Learn the facts about wandering and how to keep loved ones safe from the Autism Wandering Awareness Alerts Response and Education (AWAARE) Collaboration.

Autism and sleep

Autism Resources for Parents About Sleep

Excellent Ways to Create a Peaceful and Calming Bedroom Space

– Autism Parenting Magazine

A licensed interior designer provides excellent advice for creating a calming bedroom space for children on the spectrum through the use of color, texture, and furniture placement.

Weighted Blankets for Autism – The ultimate guide

Is it a struggle for your child with autism to relax and fall asleep? A therapeutic weighted blanket, also known as a sensory blanket, may be what your child needs to help reduce anxiety.

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