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The Autism Parenting Summit is Here!

The global Autism Parenting Summit is returning in October 2023. 

Autism Parenting Summit October 2023 https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/autism-parenting-summit-oct2023/

Imagine 32,000 attendees, 30+ world-class speakers, 4 informative days, and 1 global event  – the Autism Parenting Summit is back! 

The Summit, hosted by Autism Parenting Magazine, is a free virtual event on October 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th. 

Doctors, psychologists, educators, advocates, and people on the spectrum will again cover the topics that matter most to autism parents and the larger autism community. 

Speakers at the Autism Parenting Summit

The lineup includes renowned autism experts such as Dr. Ron Malcolm, Dr. Marcia Eckerd, Dr. Rachel Bédard, Dr. Lorna Hecker, and Dr. Chisato Hotta. 

We will also hear from neurodivergent speakers such as Stephanie Bethany, Jimmy Clare, Ron Sandison, and Angela Chapes. 

In a series of presentations and interviews, these experts and many others will cover subjects such as behavior, communication, social skills, education, sensory solutions, transitioning to adulthood, diet, travel, and executive functioning, among many other hot topics.

These speakers will cover topics such as:

  • common misconceptions about autism; 
  • how an autism diagnosis affects the family; 
  • parenting your nonverbal child with autism; 
  • how occupational therapy can help your child and 
  • many more informative topics! 

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“This is the fifth installment of the Autism Parenting Summit, and every time, we are overwhelmed by the positive feedback,” says Mark Blakey, Founder of Autism Parenting Magazine

“We’re confident families across the globe will find something within the schedule to help and support them.” 

Autism Parenting Magazine Editor Joshua Carstens agrees with Blakey. “We are very proud of this strong line-up. In a world often geared towards neurotypicality, it is heartwarming to see this virtual event highlighting the strengths of the autism community.” 

Blakey says they want the Autism Parenting Summit accessible to as many people as possible. 

“All our videos are free for 24 hours after their release. We encourage parents and professionals in the autism field to visit the website as soon as possible to get their free pass and reserve their places.”

Our Sponsors 

Of course, the event would not be possible without the support of the Summit’s sponsors, who are adding their valuable expertise to the lineup. 

Keynote platinum sponsors include Bened Life, Blue Balloon ABA Therapy, the Innate Healthcare Institute, and Behaviour Help. 

Dr. Noelle Patno, the Chief Science Officer at Bened Life, will discuss the gut microbiome in the gut-brain axis and the role of probiotic PS128 in autism. Dr. Travis Whitney, the Founder/CMO of Innate Healthcare Institute, gives insight into the clinical applications of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells and integrative medicine in ASD.

Dolly Bhargava, a registered Specialist Behavior Support Practitioner, Speech Pathologist, and owner of Behaviour Help, will advise on teaching your child with autism emotional regulation. Lastly, Kelly Bridgeforth, Clinical Director of Blue Balloon ABA – Arizona, will discuss behavior skills training and present a 4-step model for successful parent sessions. 

Our gold sponsors include Autism Double-Checked, Breeze Airways, Autism Parenting Magazine, and Algonot. The bronze sponsors are CAI Neurodiverse Solutions and Riverview School. 

Get your free Summit pass today 

You can find the full line-up and schedule on the Summit website and information on how to make the most of the Summit and implement the many autism parenting techniques you’ll learn.

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