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Autism Parenting Summit Was a Great Success!

The third Autism Parenting Summit, hosted by Autism Parenting Magazine, took place earlier this month (April 2022) and was a great success.

Autism Parenting Summit Was a Great Success! https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/autism-parenting-summit-great-success/

The virtual Autism Parenting Summit was hosted during Autism Acceptance Month and featured a diverse array of speakers—from autism experts, therapists, doctors, and educators, to neurodivergent advocates and parents. 

Over the course of four days, autism families all over the world attended the virtual event to watch presentations and Q&A interviews designed to help their autistic children thrive. 

A diverse lineup of expert speakers 

Among the many sessions at the event, Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Debra Moore delivered a seminar titled Navigating Autism: 9 Mindsets for Helping Kids on the Spectrum. 

Professor James Adams offered a presentation on Microbiota Transplants for Treating Gut Problems, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride delivered a session on the GAPS Diet for Autism, and Professor Tony Attwood spoke about Exploring Emotions and Feelings (From Like to Love).

Autistic speakers in the lineup included Jude Morrow, Nicky Collins, Professor Ron Sandison, and, of course, Dr. Grandin. The event’s Keynote Sponsors also delivered presentations, with Zafer Elcik of Otsimo presenting Closing the Gap with Special Apps for Special Kids, Angelica Benson of Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes presenting A Picture of Success: Improving Reading and Language Comprehension in Children with Autism, Dr. Jared Skowron of Spectrum Awakening discussing All Natural Supplements to Improve Behavior, and Dr. Theoharis Theoharides of Algonot sharing How Inflammation Alters the Fear Center in the Brain and Affects Behaviors in Autism.

There were many more speakers, covering subjects ranging from behavior, social skills, communication, sensory processing, and education, to mindfulness, EFT therapy, meltdowns, executive dysfunction, diet, sleep solutions, employment, and much more. 

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Our biggest audience yet!

More than 20,000 delegates attended the April 2022 Summit and, with many more parents expressing interest, Autism Parenting Magazine has announced that the event will return in September 2022 with a brand new lineup.

Here’s what some of the delegates shared about their experience of the recent Summit:

“I enjoyed the Summit and learned a lot. I am a grandparent and a retired teacher. I especially liked the sessions on diet, sleep, and home environment. All were very helpful sessions.” Laura Joy Pewitt.

“I am an occupational therapist working with birth to three-year-olds and I took so many notes about the sleep lecture. So many ideas that I can incorporate into my practice. This has been a wonderful resource for me!” Becky Geis.

Become a speaker at the next Summit

Anyone interested in speaking at the next Autism Parenting Summit can put themselves forward via this form: https://autismparentingsummit.com/speaker-recruitment/ 

Organizers are particularly interested to hear from neurodivergent individuals and autism advocates with experience in behavior, social skills, sensory, communication, education, nonverbal autism, learning disabilities, transitioning to adulthood, diet, fitness, stress, anxiety, and mental health.

“We were so thrilled with the reception the April Autism Parenting Summit received. We had excellent feedback from the parents and professionals who attended and we are excited to return in September with another packed schedule,” said Mark Blakey, CEO at Autism Parenting Magazine

“Anyone who missed the April Summit is still able to purchase the All-Access Pass if they wish to view the recordings at their leisure. We look forward to seeing everyone again later this year!”
For more information on the Summit visit www.autismparentingsummit.com.

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