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Articles that focus on autism research, news and the latest reports to help guide people on the autism spectrum and their families. These up-to-date articles can include medical news and innovative programs surrounding autism.

Changes Made to Policy to Affect Thousands of Children with ASD

Valuable changes to U.S. policy have recently been made at the federal level over the past couple of months, potentially affecting thousands of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. These changes will essentially help those people denied coverage and give them access to appropriate autism treatment. In July, Medicare & Medicaid Services declared that comprehensive […]

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Bins and Pencils

I live in New England, which for those of you not familiar with the United States is a group of states that gets to witness what every season has to offer. We get blizzards, we get heat waves, and we are well known for our beautiful foliage; when the leaves turn such vibrant colors that […]

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Autism in the Blood?

Autism in the Blood? by Leslie Burby Recently in the news, autism and blood tests have been a common thread.  The two main companies that seem to have caught my attention the most for autism research are Lineagen Incorporated with its FirststepDX genetics program and SynapDx Corporation on its quest to find a blood test […]

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Autistic Child Prodigy Jacob Barnett

Child prodigies have long been a fascination that interests the crowds, but Professor Joanne Ruthsatz attributes child prodigies to being autistic.  Dr. Ruthsatz has studied child prodigies for over 15 years and recently has focused on Jacob Barnett. Jacob Barnett has just turned 15 years old but is in college acing his honors courses.  If he continues […]

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