Up and Coming Autism Entrepreneurs New GPS Prototype Developed in the Name of Lost Child with ASD

Up and Coming Autism Entrepreneurs New GPS Prototype Developed in the Name of Lost Child with ASD https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/autism-entrepreneurs-new-gps-prototype-developed

Name: Toron Larkins
Age: 38

About: Toron Larkins has developed the prototype for a waterproof and discreet tracker that will track anywhere in the country in an effort to keep loved ones safe. He is married and has three children plus four stepchildren.

What inspired you to develop the concept for Track-N-Find GPS Undergarments 4 Kids?

I came up with the concept after my identical twin brother told me about the time his kids wandered off and were temporarily missing. He explained how powerless he and his wife felt not knowing where they were — knowing they had exhausted all leads and time was passing. Fortunately, my niece and nephew returned home safely but that experience motivated me to develop an easy way for families to track their children.

What was your connection to the autism community?

Before I completed development of Track-N-Find, l talked to an old friend whose son with autism had recently passed away.  She shared her emotional story and explained how children with autism tend to wander off which is how l became a strong advocate for autism awareness.  I promised to dedicate my invention to the autism community, elderly, as well as aiding in the prevention of kidnappings or any child taken by force.

How does it work, can you describe the product?

My prototype has one of the smallest GPS devices you will find and it is extremely accurate. The application to track your child’s movements is easy-to-use.  I do plan to continue to adjust the product until everything operates at a high level and meets with my patent specifications.  There are several GPS products on the market but they don’t offer the discreteness that Track-N-Find GPS Undergarments 4 Kids placement does.  Once my product reaches the market it will undergo changes in an effort to provide the best possible product for customers.

Why does the development of Track-N-Find mean so much to you?

I spent some time in prison and during that time l vowed to change my life and make a difference in the world. Being locked up you have nothing but time on your hands which l used wisely to outline my life upon release right down to the smallest detail.  As a black man re-entering society with one strike against me, the odds where definitely stacked but failure was not an option.  l definitely had something to prove to myself and to my family and friends.  I made it a priority to earn my GED and started my college education.  I’m currently working on a BA in business. I’m also co-owner of Bella Fashion Boutique LLC., a online and delivery boutique. The boutique was always been my wife’s dream and I’m glad l could be a part of helping to make that happen.

When do you expect the product will be available to the public and how much do you think it will cost?

Track-N-Find GPS Undergarments 4 Kids has a patent pending status and is prototype ready. I’ve taken this as far as l can at the moment so I’m reaching out to the public as a call to action to help spread the word to their community.  Investor support will be crucial to the completion of our final product. We’re also looking for people to help join our team financially  and in promotion and marketing, etc.

What does your family, especially your twin brother, think about your goal to help keep children and the elderly safe?

Family is everything to me —they’re the reason Track-N-Find GPS Undergarments 4 Kids has even made it this far. The support from my family, friends, and community has been overwhelming. The autism community has really rallied around the Track-N-Find movement to spread autism wandering prevention. I vow to make my product affordable for all customers as well as being a part of funded programs that offer our product at reduced prices.

What does the success of this product mean to you?

I remember vividly the story my brother told of his experience when his kids wandered off. To hear and see the hurt in him affected me deeply. This product means a great deal to me, I’ve always be kind of an humanitarian at heart and if l could save every missing person l would and that’s my sole mission with project.  My invention has been dedicated to a wonderful friend of mine named TamaWilcox- Curtis who l happened to reconnect with shortly before the completion of Track-N-Find GPS Undergarments 4 Kids. It was a very sad reconnection because her son with autism had recently passed, needless to say l felt her pain for her loss. We had a long conversation about autism and the problems many children face particularly with wandering. From that very moment l dedicated my invention in the name of her son Fuzani Zuberi Curtis.

This article was featured in Issue 45 – Protecting Your Child with Autism

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