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Autism Charities: Resources for Families Seeking Support

June 14, 2024

Autism charities are found world-wide. They can help with the support of children living with autism and their families, funding for autism professionals, caregivers, and their organizations, etc.

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Within this article there are charities listed that help and promote autism awareness. Also listed is how to contact them, get involved, and donate to them, as well as the autism related services they provide.

The programs and services listed in this article are only a starting point and there will be other options out there to consider. Please note Autism Parenting Magazine is not affiliated with or endorsing any of the organizations included in this content.

What organizations help people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

There is quite an extensive list of nonprofit organizations that help people with autism as well as their families. Although this list is not extensive, we hope it is a useful starting point for those affected by autism.

Charities offering autism support (by continent)



The Egyptian Autistic Society

The Egyptian Autistic Society was started in 1999 as a program for people with autism along with their families to go to for resources.

There are services available for those who have been diagnosed. Also, those with questions and concerns about a possible diagnosis can find support.


Special Education Professionals

Special Education Professionals acknowledges educational and treatment concerns for children with autism and other disabilities. Their focus is training the family of the child on their part in the intervention, social education, and treatment of the child.

Autism Western Cape

 Autism Western Cape’s mission is to educate and advocate for those diagnosed with autism and their caregivers. This organization believes in empowering and educating those with autism, their families, and their community.




Stars and Rain Education Institute for Autism

 Stars and Rain Education Institute for Autism is located in Beijing and offers people with autism spectrum disorder, along with their families, support and resources.



Action for Autism

 Action for Autism is a nonprofit organization. They specialize in advocacy, training, and providing support and resources for people with autism and their families. They have a team made up of autism professionals as well as caregivers. They provide programs for early intervention, social educational and treatment concerns, assessments, life skills, and research.

Autism Society of India

 The Autism Society of India was founded in 2006. It provides individuals on the autism spectrum and their families opportunities for education, advocacy, supports and services specific for autism. They help with respite, training, employment, and help people become self advocates when it comes to rights and services needed.



Society for the Welfare of the Autistic Person

The Society for the Welfare of the Autistic Person was created by a group of enthusiastic parents of autistic children in 1982. They focus on the individual with autism and help advocate for them until they can self advocate. They also assist with programs, services, and rehabilitation for people diagnosed with ASD.



Lao Autism Association

The Lao Autism Association is funded by parents of children with autism. It is a nonprofit organization which supports individuals with autism along with their families with services, resources, and advocacy. It helps people navigate and access services, programs and funding to help equip necessities for life.             https://www.laoautism.org/index.html


Lebanese Autism Society

The Lebanese Autism Society was formed by parents, caregivers, and professionals working with the ASD community. They provide autism related programs and services to ASD individuals and their families. 



CARE is a group of parents of children with ASD who want to support their family members. They teach the community around them about autism spectrum disorder.


Aspect Australia   

Aspect Australia is the largest nonprofit national autistic society in Australia. They work with adults and children with autism of all ages delivering evidence-informed programs.


Autism Awareness Australia 

Autism Awareness Australia is an organization interested in supporting adults, children with autism, and their families. They were founded in 2007. They provide advocacy education and want to help those with ASD to reach their full potential.



Amaze is an organization that strives to shape people with autism’s future and how it looks. Their focus is on understanding autism and advocating for those until they are able to self advocate. They provide training programs and support for individuals with autism alongside their families.


Act for Autism

Act for Autism provides supports and programs to help those with autism reach their full potential. They also work to provide access to autism specialists that support skill building, communication, and relationship building through community support and guidance.




Pro Aid Autisme Pro Aid Autisme specializes in training caregivers and professionals in the field of autism spectrum disorder. They also provide resources and support for raising awareness in communities.


i.C.A.R.E. (Inishowen Children’s Autism Related Education) Day, Respite & Activity Centre

iCARE was created in 2000 by parents. They are a community based program for people with autism of any age. They focus on training, education, and advocacy for the needs and acceptance of those with autism in Inishowen. They also provide respite, training, resources and support for individuals and their families.


Irish Society for Autism

The Irish Society for Autism was started in 1963. They create awareness about autism, specializing in early diagnosis and special education.
They provide information, support, and resources for families, caregivers, educators, and health care workers. With the information they hope to foster a better understanding of autism.

New Zealand

Autism New Zealand, Inc.

Autism New Zealand, Inc. was formed to help individuals with autism, their families, caregivers, and communities better understand autism. They also connect individuals to necessary programs and services. They provide educational programs that help with better understanding what autism is in the community.

Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation

Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation was founded by Raymond Thompson who, along with his sons, was been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. They create television shows available in 125 countries worldwide while providing programs and support throughout the community.


Spolocnost na pomoc osobám s autizmom (SPOSA)

This charity provides educational and job training skills for adults with autism. The project Autism at Work integrates autistic people into a simpler and safer work environment.


Confederación AUTISMO ESPAÑA

They provide information about autism to the community and people worldwide. They provide support, education, programs, and services for individuals diagnosed with autism.

Asociacion de Padres de Personas con Autismo de Tenerife (APANATE)

This association’s goal is for people with ASD to have a higher quality life and provide support and education for their families. They were created by families in 1995.


Riksföreningen Autism (RFA)

This organization strives to spread knowledge and understanding of autism and the people living with it. They provide opportunities and resources for individuals and their families to participate in.

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Autismus Deutsche Schweiz

They provide support for individuals with autism while also helping their families navigate the different aspects autism brings. They provide resources and programs that help families succeed.

United Kingdom

Ambitious about Autism

Ambitious about Autism helps autistic individuals and their families navigate the education system, as well as self advocating for the individual with autism, to make sure they receive the supports they need.

National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society provides support and education for individuals with autism and their families. They have been established since 1962 and advocate for rights, services, and opportunities for individuals with autism to live a full life.

Parents and Professionals and Autism (PAPA)

Parents and Professionals and Autism (PAPA) helps support and provide services and programs for individuals with autism in Northern Ireland. Their goal is to educate about autism to families, caregivers, professionals and the autistic individuals’ community.

Together Trust

The Together Trust believes that everyone deserves to lead a happy life and this can be achieved by working together. They provide support, education services, and individual care for the person with autism.


Resources for Autism

Resources for Autism is a charity that provides services, programs, and supports for children and adults of all ages on the autism spectrum. They also provide support to their families and caregivers.

Autism Anglia

Autism Anglia promotes knowledge and understanding of autism community-wide. They have a selection of services including residential and opportunity centers, supported living, and the Doucecraft School.

Scottish Society for Autism

The Scottish Society for Autism provides therapy and services for individuals on the autism spectrum. They provide services for children and adults of all ages. They also have multiple social opportunities, like a Mindfulness Community Program.

North America



This organization was formed in 2015 when Autism Society Canada (est. 1976) and Autism Canada Foundation (est. 2002) combined together forming a foundation to support Canadian people on the autism spectrum.


United States

Autism Speaks Inc.

Autism Speaks is an organization that promotes programs and services for those affected by autism and their families. They do this through advocacy and support combining autism professionals and caregivers, autism awareness, resources, and research through social education and treatment of people with autism.


Autism Society of America

Autism Society of America has been working for 55 years to provide support and connections for people with autism and their families to resources through social educational and treatment, advocacy, community programs and services, and referral service programs.

National Autism Association

The National Autism Association is dedicated to assisting people with autism. This is through advocacy, working with autism professionals and caregivers with up to date research, educating and awareness for the community about autism, and resources and tools provided to people on the spectrum and their families across the United States.


Autism Treatment Center of America

The Autism Treatment Center of America is the home of the Son-Rise Program. This program takes parents and caregivers through development, activities, and socializations. They provide virtual opportunities for individuals with autism and their families to grow socially and emotionally.


South America


Fundación Algoritmo

 This organization provides services for children such as different therapies and educational programs to continue expanding on skills. They also provide education and support for parents and caregivers through their School for Parents.



Bloom Children’s Center

 The Bloom Children’s Center provides supports, education, and programs for people with autism and their families. Their community resources and opportunities help further social and interactive skills that the autistic individual may otherwise not have access to.


United Arab Emirates

Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital

Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital is the first hospital in the United Arab Emirates created under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai.

What financial help can you get with autism?

Financial assistance is based on the country and region you live in. It varies depending on location, resources available, services needed, services being provided, etc.

The best way to answer this question is to speak with family services, whether it’s the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States or the Department of Health and Social Care in the United Kingdom, or another organization depending on where you live.

How do you choose an autism charity for support for your child?

The best way to choose which autism charity could help you and/or the member of your family with autism is to contact an organization and let them know your needs. There are charities that can lead you to a different one if they are unable to help.

Finding the right charity requires research, asking specific questions, and searching for your specific needs. There might also be information available through your local authority or Health and Human Services Department.

What is the best autism charity to donate to?

That question is best answered per person’s preference. There are so many charity foundations and organizations that could use financial support in so many beneficial ways.

The funds raised could go towards education for the individual, their family, professionals, caregivers, and community programs and services. There are some charities that also provide equipment and supplies.

To start, you could make a list of what matters to you and search for those autism charities. Once you find their websites, check out the mission statements. You could then call and ask for a tour or meeting so you can ask questions. Also, check out their annual report to see what they have been doing recently in their communities.

Some questions could pertain to seeing facts and figures of what the company is doing. Overall, it is important to remain realistic and focus on what a charity can do and has done.



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