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Top autism articles previously published in Autism Parenting Magazine that focus on issues that affect people with autism, including Asperger’s syndrome. Articles include best ways to master skills and find everyday solutions.

Book Review: The Other Side: Living With Asperger Syndrome

Book Review Living With AspergerSyndrome

The Other Side: Living With Asperger Syndrome Willow wrote this book to try and help other people with Asperger Syndrome, and their families. She hopes that her experiences and the way she has dealt with situations will guide others so that they can further understand themselves, feel less alone, and hopefully go about getting the […]

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Q and A: Head Banging Solution

Head Banging Behavior Solutions

Question: Why Do Children Engage in Head Banging? Answer: Head banging can be a surprisingly common behavior in many children. Up to 20% of babies and toddlers bang their heads purposefully, with boys being up to three times more likely to engage in this behavior than girls. Head banging often starts at around 6 months, […]

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Kids Cooperate – Social Sensory Cognition Therapy

Kids Cooperate Aaron Weintraub

Interview with Aaron Weintraub by Leslie Burby   Leslie Burby: Today is April 18th, 2013, and I am here with Aaron Weintraub the Director of Kids Cooperate a Connecticut social skills group  How did you come to create Kids Cooperate? Aaron Weintraub: My background is in Human Development. I attended the University of Vermont, […]

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Autism in the News: Judge Rotenberg Center Petition

Autism Judge Petition

Trigger Warning: Parts of this article are scary and detail specific accounts of torture including the video. For many years the Judge Rotenberg Center, a “special needs day, respite and residential school” for children ages three to adult, has been under investigation for “highly abusive and questionable interventions” used on students and now there is […]

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Put a Smile On

Put A Smile On

Let us celebrate the milestones when they happen (even years later). Let us smile. Let us laugh. Story 1: Making friends for my daughter that is on the spectrum is not an easy task.  After four months of living in a new house (with a neighborhood with tons of school-aged kids), she came home asking […]

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Product Review: Raise Your Rainbow

Raise Your Rainbow

Product Review: Raise Your Rainbow I get sent products to review at least once a month and morally I will not review a product that I don’t believe in or think is beneficial. I consider price, is it easy to use, are the people from the company friendly and easy to work with, is it […]

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Book Review: When the School Says No…How to Get the Yes! By: Vaughn K. Lauer

When the School Says No Vaughn Lauer

Book Review by Leslie Burby When the School Says No…How to Get the Yes! By: Vaughn K. Lauer I have to say I was eager to read this book, not that I’m not excited about every book that I’m sent but as a former special educator and now as a mother that joins a PPT […]

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Q&A Section – How can I make hair washing less of a struggle?

Question: How can I make hair washing less of a struggle? Answer: Ask your child (if possible) using pictures, videos on You Tube, text etc. what they don’t like about hair washing. Based on my research and speaking with several people on the spectrum this is what I have found: For some it is the […]

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11 Activities to Consider Trying with Your Child

11 Activities to Consider Trying with Your Child By Leslie Burby If one of these activities sparks your interest and there isn’t one in your town consider grouping together with some parents and starting your own organization, team, or program. I can’t possibly list every organization or group in the world but if you think your child […]

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