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Top autism articles previously published in Autism Parenting Magazine that focus on issues that affect people with autism, including Asperger’s syndrome. Articles include best ways to master skills and find everyday solutions.

Let’s Party: Celebrating without the Stress

autism party without the stress

Birthday parties are so much fun for children and such a big part of childhood. But to children with special needs, parties and many other social events can be overwhelming. To us adults, these parties are often stressful to organize and they take a vast amount of time, energy and money to engineer. As the […]

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Help: My Kindergartener Struggles in the School Cafeteria

“My child with ASD and SPD started kindergarten this year and eating in the cafeteria with all the sounds and smells is a struggle for her. Do you have any ideas to help her make it through lunch?” – Lauren Hi Lauren. Elementary school cafeterias have got to be one of the nosiest, smelliest places […]

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Six Tips for Preparing A Special Needs Plan

Besides a Special Needs Trust, what else do I need to do to prepare for the future? – Bryan J. Bryan, A Special Needs Trust is only one piece of the puzzle in Special Needs Planning. Families with a special needs loved one are challenged with the day-to-day responsibilities of care and the weight of […]

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Aspergers is Awesome!

Dear Earthlings, The mothership landed here thousands of years ago and gave us Aspergers. And, thus, also gave us NASA, Lego, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. Pretty sure you or your kids are using one of these right now. I’ve said it before and I will keep on saying it. Aspergers is awesome. Aspie kids and […]

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The Race is On – MX Racing Boosts Teen’s Therapy

Fifteen-year-old Chris Furches is an accomplished motocross racer indoors and out. At the age of 10, Chris got his first ATV. It was a gift from his grandparents and it was obvious he was a natural talent on it. A year later he saw his first MX race and asked if he could try racing. […]

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Town Hall Birmingham is hosting world’s first, publicly available relaxed performance for people with autism

Town Hall Birmingham is hosting what we believe to be the UK’s first, if not world’s first, publicly available relaxed performance for people with autism this Sunday 22 March. This weekend THSH is staging The Relaxed Performance featuring James Rowney (local autistic ventriloquist from Sutton) and Orchestra of the Swan, which we think is potentially […]

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Sleep Study Reveals Need for Change in Bedtime Routine

Sleep, glorious sleep (or the lack thereof). I will share with all of you that for a long time I was in pursuit of this elusive dream, first with my eldest son who is severely autistic, and then with my youngest son who is on the mild end of the spectrum.  There were many years […]

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3 Ways to Revitalize Your Marriage After Having A Special Needs Child

Remember your first few Valentine’s days with your spouse? Maybe you went on a special date, got each other gifts, or did something wild and crazy. Maybe you just sat together and shared quality time. Now add the years.  Add the kid(s) you’ve had, the bills you’ve gained, the pets and the house. On top […]

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The Golden Girl – Approaching Students with Autism by Entering Their World

I first noticed Carolyn on the playground; a tall, blonde girl running on her toes.  When I approached her to say “Hi” she held her hand in front of her face, turned her head to the side and glanced at me through her fingers.  She ran away giggling. After teaching special education for many years […]

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The Gift of Autism

I’m inclined to believe that autism is a gift. It is certainly something special that not every family gets to experience. When viewed from the outside autism may be considered to be a challenge. When viewed from the inside, autism is much more than that. A child with autism can be unique and unlike any […]

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