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Top autism articles previously published in Autism Parenting Magazine that focus on issues that affect people with autism, including Asperger’s syndrome. Articles include best ways to master skills and find everyday solutions.

Innovative Voting Passport Can Help Disabled People Vote

Innovative Voting Passport Can Help Disabled People Vote

National social care provider Dimensions has created an innovative new document which will help polling stations become more accessible for people in the UK with learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The voting passport, which can be filled in and printed at home, contains information in an easy-to-read format about an individual’s needs. It is designed… Continue Reading

Remarkable Narrative Illustrates Autism Has No Barriers

The Autistic Author and Animator, A Mother’s View Of A Daughter’s Triumph Janet Walmsley’s daughter Jenny, diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), faced many challenges on the way to reaching her dream of becoming a professional animator and published author. This heartfelt story relays the importance of perseverance, courage, being positive, and strength within a… Continue Reading