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    Yap is a whirlwind of professional creativity, touching down on music, painting, fiction and essay writing, public speaking, and filmmaking with a profound sensitivity — his harmonics and an uncompromising eye for controversy challenging the mind’s eye at every turn. From a three album, a decade-long international touring career with One Minute Silence to the formation of his underground cult band Pink Punk and, most recently, the return to his Irish roots with the acclaimed Airtight EP, music and rhythm emit from every fiber of Yap and his creative flair. His first novel, The Pond, self-published on Lulu, deals with the frequencies that ripple through time and the human condition while a second, The Kingdom of the Blue Apples, currently in development, takes the child’s fantasy adventure into stratospheric themes of connectivity and resonance. On canvas, Yap merges cubism, abstract expressionism and fluid modernity with themes of femininity, fertility and the ever-present connectivity in the fibers of the human existence. Live, on stage, field or street simply has to be witnessed, a feral force of passion, timing and intricate wordplay. Where next for this whirlwind? Wherever for the hungry consumers of his multifarious art.

    My Voice: Why I Hide

    My Voice: Why I Hide

    In regards to better understanding autism, it will help if you think of the human mind as a delicate tuning fork.  Hit the fork with the right amount of tap and it will resonate in harmony, but bang it too loud and it will create dissonance inside the mind, especially for the person who dwells […]

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