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Vanessa Beibide-Zanetich

Vanessa Beibide-Zanetich is a board certified behavior analyst with a masters degree in special education and a graduate certificate in behavioral studies in autism. She has worked with children as a teacher for over 15 years in general education and in special education settings. 10 of those years she has served as a teacher for students with autism delivering ABA services, specifically verbal behavior and discrete trial training. For the last three years, Vanessa has been working as a BCBA supervising home services, delivering parent training services, social skill programs and consulting in schools.Vanessa has experience in assessing for relevant skills and creating programs using tools such as the ABBLS-R, VB-MAPP, AFLS and Vineland 3.Currently, Vanessa creates and supervises in-home ABA based programming focusing on skill acquisition and socially relevant skill instruction. She consults in schools focusing on socially appropriate behaviors, data driven instruction and ABA programming. She trains and consults with teachers using evidence based instruction. Vanessa is the clinical director and owner of The Special Education Teacher LLC.

Which Is Best for My Child – ABA Therapy in the Home or Clinical Setting?

Which Is Best for My Child - ABA Therapy in the Home or Clinical Setting?

When not fully understood, applied behavior analysis (ABA) may seem like an overwhelming treatment option for children diagnosed with autism. Many people are unsure what ABA is, what it can do and why it is used. Simply put, ABA is a science that uses reinforcement strategies to increase or decrease socially significant behavior. Based on […]

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