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Valerie Cullari

Valerie Cullari enjoys writing about her family’s journey along the spectrum and all the adventures it brings. With each story, she hopes it brings a certain “relatable-ness” to other families going through the same thing as well as a touch of humor. As an active member in the autism community, she devotes her time to spreading awareness, education, and acceptance. Besides her husband and three-year-old warrior, Rocco, she has her two-year-old spitfire, Lily Rae. The children share laughs, get into trouble, and love eating pancakes together. If they aren’t singing and dancing to a Disney movie, you can find them playing tag or building towers. It’s not always butterflies and rainbows, but what would life be without some rain and worms. Have you ever played Mario Kart? Familiar with the level “Rainbow Road”? It’s hard; it’s tricky, it’s colorful and bright…after every lap…what an achievement! Sound familiar? Welcome to the world of autism. “It’s simply finding a miracle in the little, everyday things or perhaps it’s the little miracle that has found us.” Facebook; Twitter; and Instagram