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Tania Marshall

    Tania Marshall

    Tania Marshall, M.Sc. (App. Psych.), Assoc. MAPS, is a 2017 ASPECT Autism Australia National Recognition Awards Nominee (Advancement category). She was recognized by Autism Australia in both 2016 and 2015 for her work advancing the field of female Autism and Neurodiversity. For further information go to and

    Book in the Spotlight: I AM ASPIENGIRL

    I Am Aspiengirl, due March, 2014 I Am Aspienwoman, due April, 2014 Aspienpowers, due May, 2014 Sunshine Coast, Australia Visit for contact details, newsletter, free chapter, photos, and author bio. Aspiengirl author helps advocate and bring awareness to the female profile of Autism Spectrum Conditions. Tania Marshall, Author of Aspiengirl, is helping bring awareness, education and […]

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