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    Tamika Risner

    Tamika Risner, PharmD completed her undergraduate work at Campbellsville University in Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She later graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Doctor of Pharmacy and works as a retail pharmacist for a chain. Tamika lives with her husband and two kids in Kentucky. Jayden is her five-year-old son with autism, and Tate is her neurotypical two-year-old little boy.

    I’m mad

    I’m mad

    Door slams. Three seconds pass. Okay, I’m like, I guess he just shut the door really hard. Sometimes he does that. He doesn’t always get his pressures right. Door slams again. Two seconds pass. Door slams. One second passes. Door slams again and again. Each time louder and faster. Okay, now I’m like what the heck […]

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