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Sue Simmons

Since 2006, Sue Simmons has been helping parents of ASD children take back their power, feel more competent as parents to their child, and experience joy! Sue considers herself to be somewhat of a peaceful warrior and is a staunch believer that Moms/parents hold the key to unlocking the best in their children. Sue is the proud Mom of two teenagers (one diagnosed with ASD), and lives just outside of Toronto, Canada. She works with families by Skype and phone – and loves what she does! Sue holds a BPHE from the University of Toronto and is a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Relationship Development Intervention (RDIÒ) Consultant, and an Accredited EFT (tapping) Practitioner and Emotional Success Coach (Candidate), 705-875-4605 FB – Equinox Family Consulting.comLinkedIn – Sue Simmons

5 Great Ways to Better Connect with Your Child with Autism

As a parent, a loving, emotional connection with your autism spectrum disorder (ASD) child is likely what you crave above all else.  Chances are that you feel robbed of this as a result of your child’s diagnosis. I know this feeling first-hand. My son (now 19) was diagnosed at the age of five after a […]

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