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Stephanie C. Holmes

Rev. Stephanie C. Holmes, MA, BCCC, is a professional counselor, ordained minister, certified autism specialist, and doctoral candidate, but her real credentials come from being the mother to an amazing adult daughter who is on the autism spectrum. Stephanie’s career focus changed when her eldest daughter was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in 2004. Her book, Confessions of a Christian Counselor: How Infertility and Autism Grew my Faith, was released fall of 2015. Stephanie also contributed to The Struggle is Real: Mental Health in the Church (2017) by writing the chapter on how churches can better serve families with members on the autism spectrum. For more information visit

Ways to Develop a Positive Sense of Self and Relationships on the Spectrum

Ways to develop sense of self and relationships

An interview with Dr. Tony Attwood, Ph.D. AS/ASD expert In a previous article for Autism Parenting Magazine, I addressed erasing the prejudice of violence associated with individuals on the autism spectrum.  Although it is important to erase that growing prejudice, I mentioned that it would be negligent not to discuss the possibility of special interests […]

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Erasing the Prejudice – Are People on the Spectrum Really More Violent?

Erasing the Prejudice - Are People on the Spectrum Really More Violent?

An Interview with Dr. Tony Attwood, PhD, AS/ASD expert As the mother of a Spectrum Teen, I am becoming concerned about prejudice against persons with Autism Spectrum/Autism Spectrum Disorder (AS/ASD) because of three shootings that occurred in the U.S. where the shooters were identified as having AS. As a mother, I want to protect and […]

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The ABCs of Back to School for ASD Children: Anxiety, Bullying, Confusion…

Oh the wonders of a new school year. Back-to-school shopping, meeting a new teacher, a new colorful classroom welcoming students, new faces, sounds of hundreds of children returning to school, the sights, the sounds, the new routine — all things most neuro-typical children handle with stride but often overwhelm our spectrum children.  Most parents of […]

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