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Ways to Develop a Positive Sense of Self and Relationships on the Spectrum

Ways to develop sense of self and relationships

An interview with Dr. Tony Attwood, Ph.D. AS/ASD expert In a previous article for Autism Parenting Magazine, I addressed erasing the prejudice of violence associated with individuals on the autism spectrum.  Although it is important to erase that growing prejudice, I mentioned that it would be negligent not to discuss the possibility of special interests […]

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Erasing the Prejudice – Are People on the Spectrum Really More Violent?

Erasing the Prejudice - Are People on the Spectrum Really More Violent?

An Interview with Dr. Tony Attwood, PhD, AS/ASD expert As the mother of a Spectrum Teen, I am becoming concerned about prejudice against persons with Autism Spectrum/Autism Spectrum Disorder (AS/ASD) because of three shootings that occurred in the U.S. where the shooters were identified as having AS. As a mother, I want to protect and […]

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The ABCs of Back to School for ASD Children: Anxiety, Bullying, Confusion…

Oh the wonders of a new school year. Back-to-school shopping, meeting a new teacher, a new colorful classroom welcoming students, new faces, sounds of hundreds of children returning to school, the sights, the sounds, the new routine — all things most neuro-typical children handle with stride but often overwhelm our spectrum children.  Most parents of […]

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