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Fantastic Job Interview Tips for People on the Spectrum

In this two-part series of the Dr. G Aspie Show, Michelle Fish, CEO of Integra Staffing, joins Dr. G to provide tips for Aspies on job interviews. Each part covers different aspects of the process: Part 1 Reviews the things to do before your interview to ensure you are fully-prepared. Preparation is key! Choose an […]

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Expert Advice on Ways Asperger’s Reveals itself in Girls

Dr. G Aspie Show – Dr. Kelley Bolton and Asper-Girls In this episode of the Dr. G Aspie Show, Dr. Kelley Bolton takes a closer look at Asper-Girls. Specializing in Asper-Girls, Dr. Kelley Bolton provides key ways Asperger’s manifests in girls as opposed to boys and also provides tips for parents of Asper-Girls. Watch the […]

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Dr. G Aspie Show – Picky Eating with Dr. Lauren King

In this two-part series of the Dr. G Aspie Show, Dr. Lauren King, co-founder of Food Wise at Southeast Psych, joins Dr. G to discuss picky eating with kids on the spectrum. Part 1 answers the big question – Why are kids on the spectrum typically picky eaters? Kids on the spectrum tend to have […]

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Professional Advice on Ways to Differentiate Between ADHD and Asperger’s


Often times, it can be confusing differentiating behavior between ADHD and Asperger’s. There are a lot of systematic overlaps between the two and they are highly controversial diagnostic classifications. With a better diagnosis, you and your child are able to receive more effective treatment, leading to a more enjoyable life. Join Dr. Trey Ishee Wednesday, […]

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How To Help Your Aspie Learn Social Skills: The 6 P’s To Social Skills Coaching For Parents


In this episode of Dr. G Aspie Show, Mary B. Moore teaches Dr. G some awesome social skills games. The key ingredient to developing and keeping friendships is having shared joy and conversation skills. These social skills games are great tools to help your child find shared joy with others and have a fun and […]

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