For individuals with autism, driving may seem like a goal that will never be achieved, even though driving is both a marker to independence and adulthood. Yet, up until recently, Dr. Gary Gaffney, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University Of Iowa College Of Medicine, reported that most people never thought individuals with autism

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Dedicated to Rebecca  My name is Dr. Sharon Link-Wyer. I studied the lived experiences of mothers of children with high functioning autism (HFA) for my dissertation. While some aspects of the autism parenting phenomenon had been highlighted before I wrote my dissertation, none of the studies fully explained the phenomenon of maternal experiences as a

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For women with Asperger’s, the workplace can be a very isolated place. Organizations are social environments, which is uniquely challenging for Aspie Women. In the workplace, women tend to form cliques, social groups, and tribes that neurotypical women are more naturally enabled to understand and navigate. In organizations that I have observed, there is a

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