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Sharon Link, PhD, is the lead principal consultant for Leadership via Design and senior learning strategist for She holds a PhD in leadership from Gonzaga University, a MEd in educational leadership with an emphasis in human resources, and a BA in education. After serving as a human resources director for several years and administering HR training, compliance management, and onboarding, Dr. Link worked as a classroom teacher with K-12 students and graduate students at various universities. Since then, she has focused on teaching adult learners throughout the country for a variety of organizations. At Leadership via Design, Dr. Link provides instructional design consulting, leadership development with an emphasis on women, and course development for a variety of industries. Her passions are leading, teaching, researching, and writing. James TG Link is a 23-year-old diagnosed with ASD twice. Despite numerous obstacles, he is now an adult and lives on his in an apartment with his two therapy dogs, Trapper and Chloe. He graduated with a regular diploma from an online high school, cooks extensively for himself, and now drives a car! James and his mom, Dr. Sharon Link-Wyer, co-wrote a book together entitled: The Abyss of Autism and the mother/son team present together at conferences and events, which he has been doing with his Mom’s support since he was a child. The nonprofit, Link Autism Leadership, was founded on his behalf and the organization offers various services, including writing services for other organizations.

How to Prepare Aspie Women for the Workplace

How to Prepare Aspie Women for the Workplace

For women with Asperger’s, the workplace can be a very isolated place. Organizations are social environments, which is uniquely challenging for Aspie Women. In the workplace, women tend to form cliques, social groups, and tribes that neurotypical women are more naturally enabled to understand and navigate. In organizations that I have observed, there is a […]

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