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Sharlene Smith

Sharlene T. Smith, PhD, is an autism mom of a six-year-old miracle princess born a 2.0 lb micro preemie. She is an @Empowering_Transformation Coach and Motivational Speaker with 20 years experience in Secondary and Higher Education. #DrFocusedSmith admits that being an advocate for her daughter on the spectrum is her greatest responsibility. This series goal is @Empowering_Transformation in those impacted by any child on the spectrum and others who are “different NEVER less.” The @DrFocusedSmith vision is to illustrate that although a view may be “atypical,” the view is not insignificant and it does lend credibility to more thought-provoking conversation on the subject. Often feeling isolated in her experiences, she wonders if others see situations from a similar perspective. #AutismAcceptance #AutismMommaBear #Empowering_Transformation #DrFocusedSmith @phdfromNorthSantee