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Sarah Patten

Sarah Patten is the author of What to Feed an Asperger – How To Go From 3 Foods To 300 With Love, Patience And A Little Sleight Of Hand. Sarah has enjoyed an eclectic career that includes being an environmental scientist, writing and directing factual television programs and lecturing at universities both in the UK and the US. She says that the science and the communication skills honed in TV production were useful in fathoming her complex beautiful child and sharing their journey with you. Sarah, her husband and two sons now live in Tunbridge Wells. For more info see What to Feed an Asperger.

The Need to Grow – Advice on Changing your ASD Child’s Relationship with Food

The Need to Grow - Advice on Changing your ASD Child's Relationship with Food :

My 12-year-old boy, Henry, an Aspie, has always had a difficult relationship with food.  He finds fruits and vegetables with mixed textures and tastes challenging.  Bright colors and strong flavors usually come armed with hidden unpleasant surprises like pips and plastic skin encasing wedges of acidic mini-pillows that involuntarily explode – and that’s just oranges! […]

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