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Sara Colorosa

Sara Colorosa

Sara R. Colorosa, PhD, is the owner of The Engagement Catalyst, LLC. She completed a research study in an organization where employees and managers shared their experiences aligning people’s diverse skills, abilities, and interests with career opportunities, especially for those on the spectrum. Sara understands the gap between theory and practice and focuses on adult learning styles, diversity in the workplace, and leader’s roles in organizational success. She is passionate about helping individuals develop their executive functioning, organizational skills, and study habits to achieve career goals. To learn more about Dr. Colorosa and her practice, visit

Job Readiness and the Value of Experiential Learning Through Internships and Volunteering

Internships and volunteering can aid students and young adults in gathering skills and exploring career options. There is a lot of value in starting this process early by trying different types of organizations or exploring interests. In order to become job-ready, students and young adults are encouraged to try jobs, volunteer, and participate in internships—like […]

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