From cooking to cleaning, find out how you can teach your child with autism the necessary skills for everyday life. I am often asked when parents should start preparing their children and young adults with autism for launching into independence. The simple answer is now. The longer answer: it is never too early to start

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Internships and volunteering can aid students and young adults in gathering skills and exploring career options. There is a lot of value in starting this process early by trying different types of organizations or exploring interests. In order to become job-ready, students and young adults are encouraged to try jobs, volunteer, and participate in internships—like

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All too often there is too much to do and too little time to do it all. For students, time management can be a real struggle. They have school work, chores, planning (next school year, independent living, college, jobs), extracurricular activities, and sometimes pressures from peers and society—the elephant gets bigger as the list grows!

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Determining a career path for young adults on the spectrum can be challenging for both parents and young adults. There are simple steps to work through with your young adult to get clarity on potential career options and interests. When starting career exploration, knowing how a young adult learned and processed information while in school

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Some people are experiencing varied emotions to everything going on related to the coronavirus. Sometimes, these responses change throughout the day based on information, our surroundings, and news updates. Change has become the norm. There are many ways to manage change and the impact it has on us when things seem out of our control.

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