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Samantha Craft

As a writer and artist with autism, Samantha Craft is best known for her prolific writings found in her well-received blog and book, Everyday Aspergers. A former schoolteacher with a Master’s Degree in Education (special emphasis on adult education and curriculum development), Sam has been published in peer reviewed journals, been featured in autism literature, and has completed several graduate-level courses in the field of counseling. Some of her works, especially The Ten Traits, have been translated into multiple languages. A natural entrepreneur, in her lifetime Sam has established and developed a pre-Kindergarten program, a counseling business, and a homeschool curriculum site. Recently, she founded Spectrum Suite, LLC, dedicated to the celebration of neurodiversity through the arts. Always attracted to a life of service, Sam has served as a volunteer tutor, a spiritual counselor, an advocate for children with special needs, and a voice for Aspegerian females. Since 2012, she has had the opportunity to converse with thousands of individuals touched by autism across the globe. A mother of three teenage boys (her second oldest son is on the autism spectrum), Sam lives in Western Washington where she enjoys writing, painting, the arts, movies, her work as a community manager (for a technology company that employs neurodiverse individuals), and spending time with loved ones. More information here:

New Book Reveals a Unique Autism Perspective

Book Shows A Unique Autism Perspective

Author Samantha Craft first discovered she had Asperger’s syndrome while working toward her degree in Mental Health Counseling. Craft, whose second oldest son had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome over a decade prior, was all too familiar with the subject of autism. She had studied, worried, and gone head-to-head with behavioral specialists and psychologists concerning […]

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