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Sally Thibault

Sally Thibault, Dip. Prof. Counseling, is a professional speaker, author and EFT Practitioner.  She has been featured on numerous national and international TV and radio interviews and in print media. She is the author of the book David’s Gift, the true story of her family’s journey following her son’s diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome in 1997.Speaking regularly on raising a child living on the autism spectrum at conferences, seminars and Teacher Professional Development Days, she works with parents in particular helping them find their own strength and wisdom to raise these extraordinary young people. For more information

Professional Tips for Combating Stress and Anxiety in the New School Year

As the holidays draw to a close and children (and parents) get excited about the beginning of a new school year, for many children living with autism, the new school year cause higher levels of stress than normal. Our role as parents and teachers is to help these young people experience school with as little […]

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