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Ruth Cruz

Ruth Cruz is a parent advocate as well as the director of an imaginative and structured self-directed program she devised for her son to enable his post education employment. Ruth’s original experience with autism began when she developed a home-based early intervention program after her son was diagnosed just before turning two. Ruth’s professional path took her through various creative arenas including being a producer in film/video, radio and then finally publishing. Reprising her role as program director Ruth relied upon these experiences to foster her son’s choice to be an artist and published his first book as an illustrator. Her full-time career options were stunted when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. However, she continues to work as an editor on assorted publications including books about sound-based therapies and how they can be used to help people with autism and other disabilities. Ruth embraces her role as an advocate and avidly engages in defending those who may not have the resources or ability to challenge unjust authority. Most recently she has been engaged in the fight to secure Medicaid rights that are in jeopardy with the proposed health care law changes in the US. For more info visit and