Raising a child with autism and epilepsy can be challenging; here are 10 tips that can effectively help you, your family, and your child. Parents often feel overwhelmed when their child is diagnosed with autism. When their child receives a further diagnosis of epilepsy, those feelings may intensify. Currently, approximately one in 26 people will

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April is Autism Awareness Month. Here are some ideas for how you can celebrate as a parent of a child with autism. Here are 10 easy, inexpensive suggestions for celebrating Autism Awareness Month that your child may be able to participate in. 1. Celebrate your teachers and therapists During the month of April, you and

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Many parents are currently having to make critical decisions on the education of their children with autism. Some students will be going to school full-time. Others will be staying home until parents feel it is safe for them to return to the classroom. Finally, some parents will be selecting a hybrid model for their child

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The issue of racism has come strongly to the forefront of the news. More individuals are beginning to take a closer look at their own views surrounding issues associated with racism. Here are ten simple tips for explaining racism to your own child with autism: Don’t wait: Begin the conversation early It is not necessary

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Halloween can be a fun and exciting time of the year for many children. It can be a time of parties and candy. However, transitions between various activities and sudden changes in daily routines can be particularly upsetting for some children with autism. Parents, however, can help to alleviate some of these stresses by utilizing

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Many children will approach their parents in hopes of getting a pet. Children with autism are no different. Busy parents raising an autistic child may wonder why they would want to introduce an additional responsibility into their home while trying to juggle all of the needs of their child. Here are 11 ways adding a

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Children with autism are no different than other children when it comes to the possibility of needing to get glasses. Many parents are aware of the possible behaviors associated with autism and their own children. Such behaviors as: poor eye contact, side viewing, photosensitivity, or even hand flapping are often viewed as part of having

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Children all over the world are currently involved in “lockdown” situations in their communities. How can you help your child with autism spectrum disorder and others deal with these situations more effectively? Electronic communication Not all students with autism have access to technology at home. As a parent, you should contact your child’s school principal

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Children with autism can be taught how to enjoy assisting with meal preparation in the kitchen. Here is a list of ten ways your child can benefit by being involved with meal preparation. 1. Grow your own foodWhat better way to learn about various food items than to grow your own? Your child with autism can

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Family life is a challenge for many of us these days. Even with two parents in the home, it can still become a “juggling act” to meet all the needs for each child present. Yet, within the busy framework of family life, how often are the siblings without autism encouraged to sit down and express

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