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    Robin Flutterby Borakove

    Robin Flutterby Borakove is a high-functioning Special Needs Adult.  At the age of 41, she was officially diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. After trying a suggested revolutionary Neurofield and pulse electromagnetic stimulation (pEMF) treatment process, she said she felt as if she had a new lease on life.  With the additional prompting and support from her “FRAMILY,” Robin embarked on a new path focused on using her gifts to support others like her. She created a 501c3 nonprofit public charity called ASDS (Autism Spectrum Disorder Supports) for the purpose of creating a nationwide resource for adults with autism and special needs. FlutterVision Productions, and now, RelationshipsAreUs.Com, are on the map and are joining the ranks of those advocates, caregivers, and volunteers who make a difference, improving the quality of life for those who are different! As Fairy Queen Flutterby™, Robin teaches through the art of storytelling and show parents how to put on a costume and get their own hugs from their children like the fairy does! www.FairyQueenFlutterby.Com

    New Support Program Keeps Adults with ASD Happy

    New Support Programs for Adults with Autism

    We are in an age where we’re constantly hearing “it’s all about me” and “look out for #1 because no one else will!” When you are able to take care of your own needs, all of society benefits. Unfortunately, a major portion of our society is unable to be 100% independent.  Many of these people fall through the cracks in […]

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