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    Richard Clarke

    Richard Clarke runs the psychology laboratory and works as a lecturer at Regents University London. He received his Master’s degree in Psychological Research Methods from Exeter University where his research focused on the effects of the hormone Oxytocin on the own-race-bias in human face perception. His current research interest is in the underlying neurological basis of face recognition and its relationship to empathy. In addition to his role at Regents, Richard also runs an organization dedicated to the promotion and communication of psychological theory and research to the general public called The London Psychology Collective. The group is active in creating filmed interviews with figures in the field of psychology, which can be viewed for free on YouTube, and the progress of which can be followed on Facebook and Twitter. If you are interested in his work with this group and would like to learn more you can E-mail Richard on

    Biological Markers of Autism at a Young Age

    In this video, Kim Davies talks about her career and current position as the science coordinator for BASIS (British Autism Study of Infant Siblings). Their current aim is to look for early biological markers of autism through the use of various behavioral observations and neuropsychological studies conducted at the Birkbeck Babylab (University of Birkbeck, London). […]

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