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Renee Salas

Renée Salas is a writer, public speaker and advocate; And a happily married mother of three. Renée and two of her children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and she is passionate about working towards Autism Acceptance. She educates others through writing, blogging and public speaking. Renée published her first book, Black and White: A Colorful Look at Life on the Autism Spectrum, in December 2012. She is a proud graduate of the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities (VBPD) 2013 Partners in Policy making program where she prepared for a larger role in advocacy for people with disabilities .Much of her current work focuses on the educational needs of students on the autism spectrum. Renée is the Community Liaison for the College of William & Mary Neurodiversity Working Group, and actively supports the Williamsburg Montessori School and the Peninsula School for Autism in Newport News, Virginia.

Black and White: A Colorful Look at the Spectrum

 Black and White: A Colorful Look at the Spectrumby S.R. Salas   Black and White is a memoir about life, love and understanding from an autistic perspective. It’s about growing up on a spectrum I wasn’t aware of until the diagnosis of my son 5 years ago. Black and White is my take on marriage, parenting, friendship and how very […]

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