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    Rebecca Moon

    Rebecca Moon is a Navy Spouse, a homeschooling mother of two boys on the autism spectrum, and a part-time tutor. She will be graduating her oldest son this spring. A twelve year veteran to homeschooling she was also the Challenge III Director at Classical Conversations in the Norfolk, VA area for past three years. With an educational background in Nursing, Psychology and Education, Rebecca uses her passion for learning and helping others by assisting parents of special needs children with guidance on homeschooling and education.

    From Tears to Joy: A Special Homeschooling Journey

    From Tears to Joy: A Special Homeschooling Journey

    Laundry is overflowing in the hampers, the sink is full of dishes, and a mess of incomplete school work is strewn across the dining room table.  Cuddled together under a warm blanket, my son Ethan and I embrace the joy of reading a book together. It was all that could make that otherwise miserable January […]

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