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Rebecca Connick

Rebecca Connick, MOT, LOTR is a pediatric occupational therapist in New Orleans, LA. A clinician at Crane Rehab Center- Pediatrics as well as an Early Steps provider, Rebecca considers working with the ASD population her passion. Rebecca also authors the blog Fingertips: Pointers from a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, where she posts content on a range of topics relevant to all parents. For more information visit the website and Facebook:

Simple Toys to Help Your ASD Child’s Continued Development

At first glance, simple toys may seem less “exciting” than the complex, high-tech toys children often find fascinating. All there is to do with wooden blocks is stack them, right? Wrong! Simple toys overflow with educational potential and have such an important role in development. From addressing fine motor skills to fostering imaginative play to […]

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