My son is seven years old and has special needs with the inability to communicate through speech. He is not diagnosed as autistic but he has sensory issues and is unable to walk and carry out his frustrations. He bites and hits himself and we have tried many things for intervention. What are your thoughts

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Joyful traditions during the holiday season can bring a new set of challenges for children with ASD, especially those who have feeding deficits.  Gatherings that include family meals bring new flavors, smells, and tastes that can be overwhelming for a child with sensory sensitivities. Involving your child in the kitchen when making holiday dishes can

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As an occupational therapist working in an interdisciplinary program for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), I often am leading groups of five to six children at a time. When planning our group activities, I strive to find the optimal way to facilitate improvement of each child’s fine motor skills at once. One of my

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