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    Ray Wunder

    Ray Wunder is a senior director of digital partnerships at Deluxe Corporation in Utah with a BS in Business Management and MBA in Finance. Ray grew up in Maui, Hawaii working at a small family business, where he then met his wife of 20 year years. The two now have four kids: 15-year-old Kylee, 11-year-old twins Jaron and Ethan and four-year-old Brynley. After moving to Utah, Ray started his career at Deluxe and began volunteering at the Melissa Nellesen Center for Autism (MNC). With two twin boys on the autism spectrum, Ray and his family find great fulfillment in giving their time to the center as well as volunteering at a local soccer camp for children with special needs called Moving Mountains Sports Programs. Kylee and Ray’s wife Jen are the driving force behind these camps and dedicate significant time approaching local businesses for donations, running the pre-camp trainings on logistics, managing schedules and more. Beyond work and volunteering, Ray and his family love trying new sports together and exploring musical hobbies such as piano.