An article about how parents and educators can teach neurodivergent children love as a life skill. My early days in special education were a rollercoaster. I was excited, terrified, overconfident, and underprepared. All of my supervisors and trainers had instilled in me the importance of building student independence and involvement in their community and education.

in Autism Parenting Advice by Rachel Schwartz, PhD, BCBA-D

Two academics analyze the nuts and bolts of ABA therapy in the autism community. Behavior analysis incorporates a field, philosophy, and science (Morris, Altus, & Smith, 2013). Experimental analysis of behavior is the science of behaviorism. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the application of that science to human behavior. The early practitioners of ABA described

in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) by Rachel Schwartz, PhD, BCBA-D

All children grow up. No diagnosis stops puberty in its tracks. No person, regardless of his/her abilities and needs, has immunity from the raging hormones of teenage years. Society has a tendency to label individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as being asexual, without sexual desire, or infantile. Although this is the case for some

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