Sometimes we get so caught up in the everyday tasks of living that we forget to dream. Along with dishes, carpools, piles of laundry, last minute school projects, and doctor appointments, we also get to ponder the future, create a bucket list of adventures, and imagine a mental utopia of what life could be. Join

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Imagine you live in the same town as Dr. Temple Grandin (as I do). Imagine Dr. Grandin’s recent push was for everyone to get.a.job! (now transitioned to!). Imagine you are a parent (uh, you are a parent, so you can do this): you know you need to do what Dr. Grandin suggests, but you

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Your parenting style: helicopter, snowplow, or what is actually needed? You know what it takes to parent a child on the spectrum. You do this parenting gig every day. You know it is a bigger role than most parents will ever face and includes extra encouragement, extra reminders, extra appointments, less sleep, less personal time,

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Most parents of teens tell me they are not ready for their baby to date!  No question, their teens are curious, developing sexually in a typical manner (thank you, puberty), wondering/anxious about dating, and are truly considering the possibility of dating.  Before we get to the horrors and anxieties of dating, let’s recall some of

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