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Rachel Bédard

Rachel Bédard,PhD is a licensed psychologist practicing in Fort Collins, Colorado. She uses a strengths based approach and her clients note she has the ability to help them laugh about even the most stressful or embarrassing events in life. Dr. Bédard has co-written two books with her favorite Speech Language Pathologist, Mallory Griffith. Their most recent book is You’ve Got This!: The Journey from Middle School to College, As Told by Students on the Autism Spectrum and Their Parents. Learn more about Dr. Bédard and the collaborative books on her website and

When Should My Child Get a Job?

When Should My Child Get a Job?

Imagine you live in the same town as Dr. Temple Grandin (as I do). Imagine Dr. Grandin’s recent push was for everyone to get.a.job! (now transitioned to!). Imagine you are a parent (uh, you are a parent, so you can do this): you know you need to do what Dr. Grandin suggests, but you […]

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