“I’m sorry Mrs. Campbell, I am not sure what to tell you,” The doctor stated sympathetically, “Your son’s symptoms are not responding the way we had hoped. There is one treatment that we could try.”Mrs. Campbell looked up with desperate anticipation, “We would try anything to help our boy”.The doctor continued, “It is a controversial

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The mom that has it “all together” is an idea pitched to us from all sides. That picture most moms have in their heads of what the “perfect mom” is a well dressed lady, works inside and outside the home, super organized, has kids who are clean and sitting at the table eating a full

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Owen sat in the school psychologist office, the remnants of a torrent of tears still on his face from his recent meltdown. Ms Field held up two corks, tucked them in between her thumbs and forefingers and said, “Owen, watch this.” She then turned her hands to the sides and switched the corks to the

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Lorelei placed her groceries up onto the belt as quickly as she could. So much to do today, and the added bonus of having her nine year old daughter home from school unexpectedly definitely affected her to-do list. Sarah wanted to help with everything which was adorable, but sometimes slowed things down. “Mama, what’s an

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I am an information junkie; a researcher to the core, especially when it comes to something that is relevant to my life. Recently my son received an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis. For me, it is important to know every single thing I can about the subject, and how I can best support him.

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Being careful not to show her sadness and distress over the loss of her cousin to her kids, Lilly sat wearily down on the sofa. She did not want to burden him with her grief. Her five year old, non verbal, autistic son, Jonas, came into the room. Not making eye contact with her, Jonas

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I’m standing in a room full of people who are cheering, laughing, and collectively enjoying an extremely noisy event. Suddenly, I feel very ill, and I know I am in danger. My attempts at getting the attention of the people around me fail, they are busy and it is too loud. In that moment it

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The sound of Johnny’s laughter reverberated off the walls of the RV they had rented for the weekend. Camping was a rarity in their family, as was the sound of his giggles. His mother, Connie, drank in the sound; it was as comforting and welcome as her morning cup of coffee. Since his autism diagnosis

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Jenny sat facing the ocean and, as the waves rolled in and out, so did her anxiety. That morning, at her daughter’s Well-Child Visit, she’d heard the pediatrician’s recommendation for a formal evaluation for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but she couldn’t quite process it yet. “I don’t even know how to get my child tested

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Parenting neurodiverse children often requires us to have contact with many different kinds of professionals. This creates, what can be, an overwhelming amount of appointments, and many appointments, that in and of themselves are overwhelming. We often find it necessary to put children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) into situations that make them especially uncomfortable

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The look on the doctor’s face showed concern, mixed with something else Sally couldn’t discern. “Sally, your son does not have autism spectrum disorder, I believe he has virtual autism.” Sally couldn’t wrap her mind around it. She had never heard of it before. “Virtual autism? What even is that? How did he get it?

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For any parents who have had people ask them “are autistic children violent?”, this article offers a mom and life coach’s perspective on what so-called violence truly is and how to manage it in the context of autism. I knew this day was going to be rough, but nothing could have prepared me for what

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Three-year-old Jack was playing, happily lining up all his cars in a row, when his baby sister Josephine woke up from her nap, and started crying loudly. Suddenly, Jack felt extremely overwhelmed, panic took over, and anger towards his sister made him feel out of control. He needed to get away, but there was nowhere

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Last June, my oldest son graduated from high school. All parents who can say that about their children are proud, but for parents of children with autism, and learning challenges, it has an elevated meaning. My son graduating meant that he accomplished something we didn’t think was going to be possible for a long time.

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