Anything can happen in one hour. Just imagine what can happen in 8,760 hours. That is one year’s time. We all know that with our ASD kiddos, the smallest accomplishment is nevertheless huge. But how do you keep all of the great feats safe and close to your heart for times to come? How can

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It’s hard, folks. We all know the struggle and time consumption of caring for a child on the spectrum. It is a 24/7 lifestyle with what might seem like more downs than ups sometimes. I know for me it is a constant struggle, and when I say constant, I mean every single second is a

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Many parents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) children are aware at some point that their child has a very accelerated splinter skill, a specific task that does not generalize to other tasks. For some parents, they may have noticed that their child is very advanced in art or music, and yet some highly advanced abilities

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