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Pam Mines

Pam Mines and her husband Perry have three children: Michelle, Sydnee and James Perry (JP). In 2005, JP was diagnosed with a developmental delay, and soon after diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Their daughter, Sydnee, joined their family in 2008 after her biological mother, and Pam’s god-sister, passed away from complications of neurofibromatosis (NF). Sydnee also has NF as well as ADHD. Pam views her children’s diagnoses as a blessing and a calling. She has adopted a pro-active approach to raising differently-abled children and become an advocate for all children and families with special needs. She founded JP Jumpers Foundation, to positively impact families affected by autism, special needs, and unique circumstances. Through JP Jumpers Foundation, she has raised money and awareness for both non-profits and for-profits that serve this community. She has written a book, God Chose Me: An Interactive Book to Promote Family Building, with her daughter, Michelle as the illustrator. God Chose Me serves as a learning tool and guide for children with different abilities. In 2014, Pam led the legislation to establish “JP’s Law” (SB367) in Virginia. This law gained bi-partisan support, and established a special identification card for persons with special needs. This identification card helps law enforcement understand when they may be engaging with someone with special needs. The training programs she has led trains law enforcement how to safely, responsibly and successfully engage in these situations and understand some responses of those with special needs. Her work, advocacy and ability to inspire meaningful change has been recognized several times over the years. Pam continues to write, speak, give and advocate. She feels blessed and grateful that God saw fit to trust her with such a tremendous responsibility; to not be the voice for the special needs community, but to be A voice for those with special needs. This remarkable woman hopes that she will be able to positively impact many, showing them that through their many challenges, they are CHOSEN.