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Pamela Guest

Pamela Guest has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute.  She is an avid seamstress and craft maker, and she loves to cook for family and friends whenever time allows. After being told that he would have limitations and should not pursue a college career, Dylan has proven his naysayers wrong by achieving Dean’s List status for five out of six semesters at MICA.  His artwork has received multiple national awards, and has been exhibited at various venues both domestic and abroad.  His current project will be installed at the Kennedy Center’s Focus Forward Exhibition later this summer for a three month stay. To learn more visit: and

A Quick Look at ASD Literary Finds


We have uncovered two newly-published books that provide a perfect fit for both parents and children during the back-to-school timeframe.  For a child experiencing anxiety, we are highlighting a lovely picture book by author Annette Rivlin-Gutman that encourages children to find their inner calm.  Parents and caregivers of children on the spectrum are sure to […]

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