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Oriane Robison

Oriane Robison serves as the Residential Coordinator for CIP Bloomington "" CIP is a national post secondary program which supports young adults with Asperger's, High Functioning Autism, ADHD and other Learning Differences as they transition to college and careers. This article was adapted from Chapter 6: Competency 4 – Skills for Independent Living, Autism and Learning Differences (An Active Learning Teaching Toolkit), by Michael P. McManmon Ed.D., to be published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, October, 2015.

How to Help Your ASD Child Navigate Through Life


I find that a large portion of my day is spent running on auto-pilot. I don’t really think about getting dressed, taking a shower, feeding the cat, driving to work, and so on.  I react to what I encounter in my environment almost instinctively, nailed down by habit, and granted … all of it seems […]

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