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    Nikki Stiles

    Nikki Stiles and her fiancé, Chip Curry, have been together for almost five years. Together, they have three children – Taylor is thirteen and Savannah is ten. Both reside in the home. Caiden is twenty-two and graduated valedictorian from Full Sail University in Florida, where he currently resides. Nikki has volunteered for The Make It Fit Foundation as the Communications Director and general jack-of-all-trades for the past nine years. She has a degree in Web Graphic Design from DeVry University and currently resides, with her family, in Lexington, Ohio.

    Cookies For iPads – One Mom’s Special Mission for Hope

    Cookies For iPads – One Mom’s Special Mission for Hope

    When Melissa Satterfield’s son, Chase, was 2 ½, and still not speaking, she began to worry. She made an appointment with her pediatrician, who said it was probably just delayed early development. Melissa requested a referral to speech therapy, anyway, hoping that it would help. Around the age of three, Chase’s speech therapist said it […]

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