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Natasha Barber

Natasha Barber is the author of the children’s book series Tommy’s Lessons.  She's mom to an 11-year-old autistic son who has inspired her to become an Autism Safety Advocate Blogger. Natasha said he has given her a fair share of safety scares.  One afternoon, Joshua escaped his aftercare program and ran onto a 50mph road.  Traffic stopped, and thankfully he was not injured; however, that was the day Natasha said her sense of safety heightened immensely. She was suddenly propelled into hyper-safety mode to make sure this could never happen again. She signed up for safety workshops to learn more and found that so many other parents were uneducated and felt helpless on how to keep their loved ones from danger.  This motivated her to help them and others with what she learned on autism safety. Natasha has since developed a website, Facebook page, and Instagram focused on keeping young autistic children safe. For more information on autism advice and experiences: Blog: Facebook: AutismMomsKnowSafety Instagram: @thenatashabarber To learn more about the Tommy’s Lessons Series: References: Consumer Product Safety Commissions Retrieved on 01 February 2017.