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    Natalie Maddison

    Natalie Maddison is a Pediatric Developmental Clinician and Parent Trainer based out of Los Angeles.  She has extensive clinical experience creating and tailoring interventions to treat children with neurodevelopmental diagnoses and the family units surrounding them.  Natalie utilizes a strength-based model to help parents access their own skillsets to support their children.  She received her B.Sc and M.S in Psychology from the University of East London and is currently completing an M.S/ Phd combined in Educational Psychology. In addition, Natalie is a certified Expert Training Leader with the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning (ICDL), where she actively facilitates incremental practicum courses to students around the world at various levels of certification. She most recently joined the DIR® FloortimeTM Coalition of California- expanding awareness, access to, and use of developmental approaches through education, fundraising, research, networking, and policy advocacy.

    Outstanding Tips You’ll Love for Therapy On The Run


    Every parent’s goal is to have their child generalize the things they learn in therapy to their everyday lives, but that’s exactly the problem, the learning occurs in therapy and then we all go back to our everyday lives.  All too often there is no crossover.  Instead, there is the illusion that therapy needs to […]

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