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Mike Guido

Mike Guido

Mike Guido is an extremely talented and successful comedian who has made eight national TV appearances, including SHOWTIME, MTV, VH1, and A&E. He also has a comedy CD, “Who Needs Sanity?!,” which can be heard regularly on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. A very well established and respected performer, Mike has shared the stage with some of today’s biggest stars, including Jay Leno, Robin Williams, Ellen Degeneres, and Dana Carvey. He has a featured role in the film “The 95ers” as well as television commercials for Universal Studios and Cannon Cameras. The San Francisco Chronicle said this, “Mike Guido, a poised comic who seemed utterly at home on stage and commanded the audience’s attention without seeming to try, was priceless and well worth seeing.” A dedicated husband and father, Mike put his comedy career on hold for a number of years as he and his wife, Laurine, raised their family with special attention and focus on their daughter, Maria, who has severe or low functioning autism. The Guido’s founded and managed the M.A.R.I.A. Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports children with autism and their families.

A Daddy’s Deepest Love

A Daddy's Deepest Love

In today’s society, what is the criterion for a guy to be considered a real man? Muscles? Toughness? Success? Intelligence? Athletic ability? I’ve learned that it’s actually much more. In January of 1989, I was living the uniquely exciting life of a young, single, stand-up comedian. From my home base of San Francisco, I would […]

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