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Melissa Root

is president and founder of Root Success SolutionsTM, LLC, and a certified school psychologist in Connecticut. Dr. Root is a co-author of Picture Perfect: Video Self-Modeling for Behavior Change, available from Pacific Northwest Publishing and through her website. Dr. Root holds a professional certificate in video self-modeling and trains families and professionals on how to use the technique. She presents internationally on video self-modeling as an effective tool for positive behavior change.

Meltdowns: Video Self-Modeling to the Rescue!

Meltdowns: Video Self-Modeling to the Rescue!

Does your child have a difficult time handling disappointment? Do seemingly simple requests turn into tantrums? Sometimes children learn one way to handle situations like this (i.e., meltdown) and have a very difficult time learning a new and better way to respond. It’s likely not enjoyable for you or your child when these situations arise, […]

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