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Shahrzad Pirnia Adler

Shahrzad (“Shari”) Pirnia Adler is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who specializes in helping families and schools with children’s behavioral struggles, ASD diagnoses, or other developmental disabilities. Shari currently works at the National Speech/Language Therapy Center, which provides in-home ABA services to children and their families throughout the District of Columbia and Montgomery County, Maryland.  She has been instrumental in the design of their dental desensitization program that helps families be able to bring their children to the dentist.  For more information or to contact Shari or another National Speech Therapist, please visit the National Speech/Language website.Website

Ways to Encourage Meaningful Communication with Your ASD Child

Ways to Encourage Meaningful Communication with Your ASD Child

Communication is the act of exchanging a message between two people, either vocally or non-vocally, and it begins at the very beginning stages of life.  At the first stages of communication, we may cry or babble in order to self-soothe or react to something unpleasant or exciting. Later, we may start to reach, point, or […]

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