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Meghan Mulvenna

Meghan Mulvenna, M.A.O.B has been serving individuals with autism and other neuro-developmental, neuro-genetic needs for over twenty years. Her passions include fostering individual talents, reducing impeding behavior, and supporting children and families in their home communities and abroad.  She has lived in a number of developing countries and continues to travel internationally, sharing the importance of Bridging the Gap Between Learning and Living worldwide. Meghan currently resides in the Washington, DC metropolitan area as the founder of Special Travelers, LLC.  For more information about Special Travelers and Mulvenna visit To contact Meghan directly, her email is, her Skype ID is SpecialTravelers, and her US phone number is +1-443-228-6436.

Expert Advice: Bridging the Gap Between Learning and Living

The human story shifts when people resist continuing in a method that is not working for them or their loved ones.  Our current approach to educating individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder is not working.  Only when families of loved ones with autism begin to resist this approach, while identifying a better alternative, will the story […]

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