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    Matthew Aguirre

    Matthew Aguirre worked at a behavioral center for children with special needs, where he helped his students learn life skills. Aguirre started out making the shoelaces after school during his free time, giving away the product to people he thought would benefit from them. Now, he sells them online through a website Autism research company, endorse Rocket Laces and for every four pairs purchased, Autism Advancements donates one to a child in need.

    Rocket Laces: Teaching the World How to Tie Shoes

    Rocket Laces: Teaching the World How to Tie Shoes

    I didn’t ever see myself creating the best solution for children learning to tie their shoes. During my final year in college I began working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.  I didn’t have much knowledge in the field nor did I completely understand all of the different areas of special needs but I […]

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