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Martha Gabler

Martha Gabler is the parent of a nonverbal teenage son with severe autism. She is interested in using scientific approaches to create solutions for children with autism, and she is the author of two books: Chaos to Calm: Discovering Solutions to the Everyday Problems of Living with Autism and Behavior Basics: A Primer for Autism Parents. Both works focus on effective, affordable ways for families to use the scientific principles of positive reinforcement to help their children succeed at home and in the community. Most recently, Martha Gabler has joined the TAGteach Faculty and is available for workshops and presentations. For more information about TAGteach for Autism, please see below: Website Facebook Twitter

Easily Teach Your Child with Autism How to Ride a Bike

Easily Teach Your Child with Autism How to Ride a Bike

Look Ma! I’m Riding! Bike riding is an important physical and social milestone for all kids to master. Our kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can learn too. My son has severe autism and is nonverbal. When he was eight years old, he mastered riding a bicycle in two weeks.  We taught the “preliminary” skills […]

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