His life was a routine. His life was a schedule. His life stepped. His day-to-day life was chronological. We evolve into the militant enforcers of a strict routine, a strict schedule, the strict followers of chronological order, and we do not delve from that line. Yet, in the physics of constant movement, in the physics

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The sun rises and sets every day. It is a proven occurrence and can be documented by most human beings who live on this planet. Now if you tell a 70-year-old today he/she should have seen 25,550 sunsets and sunrises each during a lifetime, he/she will immediately tell you he/she should have but missed many

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She cannot get her face any closer to the paper. Her eyes move furtively. Using the rivets on the pads of her fingers, she navigates through the results of the graph. Comparing her three-year-old little girl to other little girls her age feels more like a critique as she studies her daughter’s assessment. As a mother, she should be excited about her daughter’s progress; but her eyes continually dart towards the areas of

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You can’t change the radio channel fast enough. You’ve had a bad day, and you can’t make up your mind what you want to want to listen to. You scan the radio channels like you are looking for a needle in a haystack.  Then you hear it. That old song that takes you back to

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It’s a PARTY. You hold an ice cream cone in front of a child’s face, and it creates a party in the brain. The child’s brain activity goes wild and sees nothing to the left or right, only seeing what’s in front of him/her. What some may not know is with a child with autism,

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