Combating Autistic Discrimination in the Workplace
Autism Advocacy

Combating Autistic Discrimination in the Workplace

As an autistic person growing up, I quickly learned that discrimination was going to be a part of life that I would have to find ways to cope with. Upon leaving education I was fired from a range of jobs for being “too slow” and lacking social interaction. A survey conducted by the Office for

.Information on how hypnosis for autism symptoms may or may not be beneficial.
Autism Therapies and Treatments

Hypnosis for Autism: Is it Beneficial?

Ever since my autism diagnosis 25 years ago, doctors and therapists have been a regular part of my life. I’ve run the gamut of antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs; I’ve seen countless therapists in my journey recovering from PTSD, social anxiety, and addiction. Despite keeping an open mind, when I was offered a course of hypnotherapy