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Interview with Dr. Maria Wynne

Interview Dr Maria Wynne

Interview with Dr. Maria Wynne Leslie Burby: Hi, thanks for joining me, I’m Leslie Burby, editor-in-chief of Autism Parenting Magazine and today we are here with Dr. Maria Wynne of Wynne Solutions and today we are going to talk about Tele-health. Thanks for joining me today doctor. Dr. Maria Wynne: Thanks for having me. Leslie […]

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Interview: Susan Louise Peterson

While choosing who to interview this month, I came across the book Is My Child Autistic or Delayed? and since my youngest child is about to turn two and has developmental delays it caught my attention.  Many people have asked me if I think their child is autistic or just delayed.  This is a very […]

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Money Saving Suggestions

Get Paid Helping Disabled Child Home

How to Get Paid for Helping a Disabled Child in the Home by Leslie Burby   Instructions Call or visit your state’s disability state council. To find your state’s disability council click the link – http://www.nacdd.org/about-nacdd/council-listings-map.aspx#Connecticut Get the grant application forms that fit you and your family’s specific needs from the Vocational Rehabilitation and Public […]

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